Senior Product Designer & Developer

London, England, United Kingdom


Freeformers are looking for a senior (UX/UI) Product Designer with strong design skills & experience of contributing to both design & development of consumer-facing apps & products. The chosen candidate will help deliver Freeformers mission of a digital economy for all.

The challenge

If you love both to design creative, delightful products and to be part of building what you design, we have the perfect challenge for you:

Our products are in the hands of real people at some of the UK’s largest businesses. And when we say real people, we mean supermarket workers, bank employees and technicians. People with 40+ years of working experience and those with none.

For our users, future trends in work like automation & a.i. are a source of worry as well as wonder. Our products are there to help them find answers to questions like which attributes will help me stay successful in my job? and how do I find my place in the future of work?

We need someone who can design products for these people. Products which are exciting, empowering and, above all, useful. We are looking for someone who shares our purpose: Keeping people at the centre of the future of work. If you want to design and build products that make a real difference to these people, we want to hear from you.


What you'll need:

First and foremost, you’ll be the type of person who is not content to leave others to develop what you design. You will be comfortable producing code to match your designs, in particular CSS & HTML. You’ll have a makers mindset and be happy to share with us evidence of your past creations. You will have a track record of strong, engaging, mobile-first designs for both web & native apps.

You’ll also be the kind of person for whom a consistent user experience is a point of pride. And you’ll be able to share with us how you have overcome those challenges in your past roles. Finally, you will love to get under the skin of your users and have a clear approach for getting feedback on your designs and putting your empathy to work in making them better.

Whilst we welcome applicants from a broad range of backgrounds, experience in the following would be a distinct positive: Figma/Sketch, Principle, React, React Native, Web design (HTML/CSS).


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